Del Paggio Gebbia Lawyers Company, Stp

Lawyer firm in Abruzzo, Italy

1. The company among professionals “Del Paggio Gebbia Lawyers Stp” was formed by the lawyers, all members of the Bar held by the Bar of Teramo, Lucio Del Paggio, Giovanni Gebbia, Simonetta Novelli, Sandro Neapolitans Paolo Del Paggio and Giulia Del Paggio, according to the provisions of articles 16 et seq. of Legislative Decree no. 2 February 2001, n. 96 (in the Official Gazette no. 079 Suppl. Ord. Of 4 April 2001), with a public act for Notar Giovanni Battista Bracone of Teramo on 13 September 2012, rep. n. 125181, Coll. n. 38297.

2. It is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Teramo, in the “society of professionals” (sect. Special), with the number of repertoire economic Administrative 157272, with effect from 29 June 2012.

3. The Company regulated by the Legislative Decree. N. 96 of 2001 falls within the scope of the partnerships and, unless specified otherwise, is governed by the rules governing the partnerships referred to in Chapter III of Title V of Book V of the Italian Civil Code (art. 16, para 2).

4. In line with the provisions of the aforementioned legislation, the Company among professionals “Del Paggio Gebbia Lawyers” was set up for the exercise, in a partnership, the legal profession and can play any form of assistance and advocacy in the field and out of court, tax, arbitration, social security, insurance and financial, in favor of private and public entities (art. 3 of the memorandum).

5. The establishment of a company among professionals has been determined by the choice of implementing a modern form of exercise of the profession, and that is the company, which requires synergies and multidisciplinary approach and the need to identify tools that can provide support and advice of highly qualified, affordable even to the unserved, in order to withstand competition from professional subjects established in other EU countries far more equipped in terms of financial resources and instrumental.

6. It has registered and operating in Teramo, at 48 Pannella Street, and uses, as well as the professional services of the six founding members Lawyers, also of three employees who carry out their activities within the law firm, two internal and four external collaborators.

7. The company has hired three secretaries and assistances – for the management of red tape and in the courts – a freelancer, and even, for consultation of land register, an expert.

8. The Company also makes use of the cooperation in the area, numerous and reliable colleagues, associated in the network, with the establishment of business relationships with foreign countries.

9. The system used allows direct access to the computer system Polisweb, the CED of the Supreme Court, the site of the Administrative Justice: the law firm is equipped with a modern computer system for case management and communication with the outside; it has up-to legal databases and specialized.

10. The idea of creating a corporate structure for the conduct of forensic has been gained, by the professions, based on the following major reasons:

a) The need to establish a group of professionals, each with specific expertise in the various fields of law, able to offer legal services of high quality and efficiency, due to the full utilization of the skills of each expert in their own branch and function of an optimal representation and assistance of the clients;

b) The need to rationalize and optimize the cost of a law firm through the use of common services, carefully compares the production capacity of the structure (telematic services, fixed and mobile telephony, computer equipment, copiers and printers; use of databases and products specialized publications; better organization of staff and employees);

c) The need to rationalize and organize in the best way the conduct of the activities of each professional, and outside (participation in court hearings and mediation processes, as well as appearances arranged by the judge; conferences and meetings with other professionals or the clients, etc.) inside the law firm ( client reception, preparation of documents, correspondence management information, research and studies of specific issues, board meetings, etc.).

d) The need to educate and to complete in a short time legal affairs submitted to the law firm run by the company, minimizing, even through intensive mediation and conciliation, the time-setting practices, given the slowness of the huge civil and criminal proceedings in the ordinary justice system.

11. The policy fields in which the Company operates is that of advocacy and legal assistance, both in court proceedings and in extrajudicial disputes and in every field of legal protection (civil disputes before the Court of Cassation, the Courts of Appeal, Tribunals ordinary and justices of the peace); mediation processes; criminal proceedings, before any competent judge; Appeals to administrative justice and taxation; assistance in arbitration proceedings; advice and assistance in bankruptcy and minors insolvency.

12. The competence of the members of the law firm:

a) Civil: Contracts, commercial and corporate law, bankruptcy and minors insolvency, property and real rights, building, protection of possession, trademarks and patents, family law, persons and inheritance, labor law and social security, child protection, damages in contract and tort, professional liability, medical liability and health facilities, enforcement procedures aimed at the realization of receivables, insurance law, sports law.

b) Criminal: financial and tax offenses, planning and environmental crimes, crimes related to safety at work, crimes against the public administration, crimes against property.

c) Administrative: expropriation and claims for damages, building and town planning, procurement of public works and services, government contracts, electoral appeals.

13. The activities of representation and providing legal assistance to businesses, public bodies and private citizens, even less well-off, a quality service at an affordable cost and carefully commensurate to the quantity and quality of services provided, with a wide and significant relapse.

14. Lawyers involved in the law firm managed by the company (no. 6 members, two internal and four external collaborators) perform the professional activity in the main branches of civil, commercial, corporate and criminal law, both in and out of court, in national and international, as it stated in the preceding paragraphs.

15. The professional services are carried out by members of the law firm also part of the defenses of the office and of the protection of the unserved with the undoubted highlights of the social character.

16. The legal service offered to clients includes, of course, all subjects and fields of specialization specified earlier and assures the same high quality treatment and cost.

Indirizzo: Via Pannella 48, 64100, Teramo
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